Why I Prefer Clothes Without Pockets

Ever fallen asleep with an AirPod in a pocket? Ouch.

Vegetable seller in Jamshedpur, India. Photo by the author.

Pockets get grimy, they’re pockets of dirt.

Turning out a pocket in an outfit grosses me out. It is is like having to touch someone’s day-long gloves.

Banknotes get washed accidentally in pockets.

It necessitates a trip to the bank where the teller scolds me for laundering my money again. Replacing notes is free, but it is bad for India’s economy to waste paper money.

Coins and keys in pockets get lost in the washing machine machinery

The washing machine technician charges ₹487 to retrieve a ₹5 coin. Or key ring . That’s ₹450 service charge with GST.

Phones, AirPods and pockets are a bad combination.

I washed my daughter’s phone, Bebe Nicholson washed her mother’s phones.

Pockets scratch against my skin like clothing tags.

Some of the new pockets have netting for cloth so they’re see-through and the above mentioned coin/key/banknote issues don’t happen. The netting is scratchier than the regular cloth they used earlier.

If you keep chocolate in a pocket, it melts.

Pockets are useless for any chocolate treat you keep for a child because the chocolate melts and ruins the chocolate and the pocket.

Also, the child isn’t impressed by how easily you got to the chocolate. In taking a snack out of a handbag vs. pulling one out of my pocket, handbag wins me brownie points with my kids.

In defense of pockets?

I like the way my dad always has a clean handkerchief in his. I still like the way he dresses properly, down to the handkerchief.

My dad, me and a friend’s dad. Photo by the author.

Though as a mom, I haven’t needed my Appa’s handkerchief in decades. Instead, I have a handbag with tissues in it. Wet wipe and dry.

What do you think? Are you pro-pocket or anti? Let me know in the responses below!



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