Why dentists shouldn’t worry.

A recent study states that all recent studies are false.

In the last day or 2 differences in AGP (aerosol generating procedures) have been found for dental and medical procedures. AGMP (aerosol generating medical procedures) are to be distinguished from AGDP (aerosol generating dental procedures) which aren’t such high risk.

Simply put, it’s way more awful when the aerosol is cough-induced rather than compressed-air-machine-full-of-sterile-water induced.

That said: When it has sent the restaurant profession into coma and will change seating forever. People will be seated like they are seated in buses, not facing each other, or seats will be lengthwise and not breadth wise.

Clinics are looking cleaner and smarter.

In dentistry too, not a coma but just a comma. Many changes were inevitable. All of a sudden dentists in tier 2&3 cities are procuring and providing PPE for themselves and staff. Three bucket technique is being followed. I have HEPA in the house, definitely no problem buying one for the clinic@17–18k. It only needs one filter change every year. The thought went from “money money money” to “safety safety safety”. The extraoral suction is sounding like a convenient and neat device.

In films and popular entertainment, dentists aren’t ever heroes, they are “you poor thing” type always. Now we have a chance to be the hero. Let us embrace the new warrior PPE costume and go forth and do our work even more wonderfully. Not because someone told me to, but because I know it is best for me and my patients.

In the lowered footfall in the clinic I am very happy some freeloaders aren’t coming. Simply they used to come every 3 months to waste our time, pass their time. Now all that has stopped. I have put a 150 entry/consultation and 350 charge even for minor cheekbite tooth grinding. Earlier I would often do such work for free. Why? Why do for free? I make every patient pay ₹10 and wear disposable cap and gloves. What is wrong with all this safety? Why wasn’t I following earlier? Simply, some dentists who were already following all this, were laughing at me.

Ok it has made a headache, but did I really want that barbershops in foreign countries should have more barrier technique than me? What respect I would have left?

Airports changed forever after 9/11.

Dentistry will change forever after Covid2020.

My suggestion to dentists who haven’t opened up yet: focus on Prosthodontics at first, specially removable prosthodontics. When that has calmed you, start everything slowly and take only the cases you like. Things will be busier than ever in 2 months’ time, for that time keep yourself prepared.

Why? It will become illegal to pick your teeth in public.



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