Wheel Pose on an Exercise Ball

Here’s a video of me with my personal trainer, Archana Singh Chouhan, performing the wheel pose (chakrasana) with an exercise ball and her assistance.

Having a personal trainer is truly a luxury and I am so glad to have her. Having her as my trainer at the equivalent of $68 a month is worth anything I sacrifice in return, like an extra hour in the morning to sleep!

For context, a root canal in my city costs $82. So you can compare the prices for services in your own city and maybe realize how much I pay her as a percentage of how much I charge for my own services.

The wheel pose has frustrated me since my Yoga teacher in school tried to get me to do it. The teacher was angry with me and even failed me for not doing it and being stubborn, but with my trainer’s able help, I actually believe that I will be able to do this at age 46 — a pose I could not do at age 12!

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