The Exhilaration of Not Having To Speak to Your Hairdresser

Hair and Hearing

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
2 min readSep 5, 2023
Me after getting my hair done last week. The lady taking the picture did my hair for me. Photo belongs to the author.

I had my hair done last week. About half an hour in, I realized that the lady doing my hair was hearing impaired and could neither hear nor speak.

Initially, I thought she was just rude, not replying to my speaking to her, asking her about my hair treatment; her day, her name, whatever!

Then, another hairdresser came by and told me, “she can’t hear!” as she walked by to her own client.

I had around two more hours of hair treatment to go at that point.

After the treatment. Photo by the hairdresser, photo property of the author.

I had a bit of trouble communicating with her when she pulled at my hair too hard, but apart from that?

It was GREAT having a hairdresser who couldn’t hear or speak.

I realized that I am a people pleaser — or a try-to-please-people-er who tries to fill in empty spaces in conversation with tiring, exhausting small talk.

It was exhilarating not to have to talk to my hairdresser, and you’ll never know how much unless you have one that can’t hear you or talk to you, and if you’re also a people-pleasing-patterer like me.

So help me, God!



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