The Brave Little Shopkeeper, Part 2!

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
2 min readMay 19, 2022
Photo by the author.

This is a convenience store operated by a young lady who quit her job at an accounting firm.

Photo by the author.

The shop buzzes with activity as staff come and go with baskets full of bread, milk and chips. Guess which one’s the heaviest?

The young lady herself. Photo by the author.
Inside of the shop. Photo by the author.

The shop has decent footfall, and probably makes a good profit, so I guess she doesn’t mind ditching her corporate job.
It does look like a lot of work, though. I don’t know if I could do this: stockpile items and guess which ones will sell out first. It is so like guessing who will want to buy what and when, and literally betting on it.
This is the third story in my New Delhi series, and just scroll down my profile to read the earlier ones if you’re interested.
In case you’re interested in visiting India yourself, do respond to this message, and maybe I’ll be able to help with some tips.
One of which is: there’s a convenience store every two kilometers in Delhi. The bread-butter-eggs-milk you can get here will be cheaper than anything you can buy, cooked and served at restaurants.

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