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Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
3 min readApr 16

Photo story

I went shopping for vegetables today.

My dad was driving. Usually, he shops for his veggies on his own steam, but since he has Herpes Zoster, he said he’d just drive and sit in the car while I literally did the heavy lifting with my stellar cook, pictured above.

These packages of masalas were new to me. Usually, we buy each of these masala items separately. Seeing them pre-packaged like in the air conditioned supermarkets was interesting to me. I went, “Hmm, so the little guy knows how to add value to his packaging by creating a set of things for sale, just like the marketing gurus! Bully for him!”

I was expecting a lot more sun, with my city’s temperature in three digits this afternoon. However, the vegetable sellers had been enterprising enough to cover the open market area with tarpaulins and so we did our vegetable buying was under the shade of these makeshift covers.

I eyed the fruit sellers warily. After reading Dr. Jason Fung, I’ve decided that fruit will be off my list of stuff I can eat till I am no longer teetering on the precipice of being overweight. Between Dr. Fung’s 5.6 grams of fructose per day limit and the uricase mutation, I couldn’t find any leeway to fill my home with fruits and their sugar.

The fruit seller didn’t look very happy, either. Maybe he’s fasting, for Ramzan. It isn’t ever a good idea to ask, though.

Here’s another long shot of the market I’m leaving you with.

So how much did we spend on vegetables for my home and my dad’s? (That’s six people and ten meals before Thursday’s vegetable market)

We spent ₹630, around $7.70.

Thank you for reading this far, and if you live in a cold place where it is still snowing, I hope the bright sunny pictures make you feel better.

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

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