Smokers and hands.

The Punjab cop who lost his hand during lockdown attack returnes home after successful surgery with full state honors. Harjeet Singh, you’re a lockdown hero and I wish you all the very best of health & happiness. Congrats to Dr. Ramesh Sharma and the team that did the job at PGIMER Chandigarh!!! Punjab Power, Lighting Up Our Lives!

In that context of severed hands and surgeries to reattach them:

I read an article around 20 years ago about these surgeries where they reattach hands that have been severed off by machinery or in an assault. Good ol’ Readers’ Digest, probably. The surgeries take a lot of time to do, around 4–7 hours, and are very precise.

They only do them for non-smokers. Smokers always regress(back to smoking again), and the resultant constriction of oxygen and blood supply to the peripheries leads to necrosis of the reattached hand.

In plain language: even after losing a hand, a smoker would go thru a surgery where a surgeon literally stitches the nerves and blood vessels and tendons and ligaments and thingamajigs in our hands back on, and then!!! Would smoke again, after being precisely told not to do so! The hand would necrose and fall off. Then the surgeon would refuse the next smoker who had the misfortune to get his hand chopped off because, “Nah, let this hand go to the biohazard trash, coz I can’t be bothered to sew it back on, this one’s a smoker”

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