SimpL versus Cred

I should have deleted Cred but I didn’t… instead I got sucked in!!!

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
3 min readMar 26, 2023

SimpL is a credit app.

It picks up your bill for you and sends you a reminder to pay it back to them over three months.

I used SimpL to pay for some whey protein — 8.8 lb @ ₹8076 — because the Muscle Blaze website had an offer on SimpL that was too good for me to resist. They had a ₹425 cash back offer. A cashback offer means that when the next installment is paid, the app will pay ₹425 on my behalf and I pay the rest.

I still don’t quite understand why SimpL gives me free credit, but I’m guessing two things here:

  1. SimpL is trying to find out what I like to buy so that they can nudge me in the direction of their advertisers.
  2. They’re hoping I’ll be strapped for cash the day I have to pay and then they can charge me interest.

I liked SimpL. It is simple! It picks up the money from my Google Pay account and is easy for me to pay and pay back. The offer was good, the cashback is genuine and hassle free.

What about Cred?

Cred is another credit-based app that also has a UPI link. By UPI link I mean, “unified payments interface” link, a link to pay for anything straight out of your bank account and into the merchant’s, via your phone and into the merchant’s phone.



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