Prevention Is Better Than Laundry

Returning clothes at Adidas, Jamshedpur is a breeze: and you can wash your hands in a breeze before you start!


Photo by Bryant Churckino on Unsplash.

I got myself some exercise clothes for the very first time last Sunday.

I’ve lost a bunch of weight. Eight kilos! I felt I deserved to spend some money on looking good while I exercised.

One of the items I had selected, a pair of cycling shorts, wasn’t up to scratch. It felt like a good fit when I tried it on in the shop, but turned out to be loose when I tried to work out in it.

I decided to return it the same day. I put it back in the little brown Adidas baggie and took it with me to work, at my dental clinic. After the last root canal of the day was done, I would go on to the city and return it for something that did fit.

As I drove away from my dental clinic, I realized: whoops. I had glove dust on my hands. I would get the black cycling shorts all dusty. So I resolved not to touch the shorts. I’d only hold the handles of the bag they were in.

When I reached the store, I asked for some sanitizer to clean my hands.

They didn’t have any.

Then, I gently told the shop owner that since I would be replacing the black cycling shorts with a pair of black leggings, I was likely to get the white glove dust all over all the products I would buy as well as the ones I tried on but didn’t buy.

The shop owner then produced a mug and water, with a pump of Dettol Handwash Liquid Soap. He then walked with me out of the shop and I proceeded to wash my hands out in the open, as he stood by, pouring water over my soapy hands as needed, until my hands were free of both glove dust and soap.

A while later, I found a pair of grey leggings to replace the shorts. I paid the difference, ₹500, and walked out of the store, secure in the knowledge that I hadn’t made all the rest of the merchandise in the store messy with white dust.

After all, when it comes to clothes that haven’t even been sold yet: Prevention is better than laundry!



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