Prevention Is Better Than Laundry

Returning clothes at Adidas, Jamshedpur is a breeze: and you can wash your hands in a breeze before you start!

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
2 min readApr 6, 2023
Photo by Bryant Churckino on Unsplash.

I got myself some exercise clothes for the very first time last Sunday.

I’ve lost a bunch of weight. Eight kilos! I felt I deserved to spend some money on looking good while I exercised.

One of the items I had selected, a pair of cycling shorts, wasn’t up to scratch. It felt like a good fit when I tried it on in the shop, but turned out to be loose when I tried to work out in it.

I decided to return it the same day. I put it back in the little brown Adidas baggie and took it with me to work, at my dental clinic. After the last root canal of the day was done, I would go on to the city and return it for something that did fit.

As I drove away from my dental clinic, I realized: whoops. I had glove dust on my hands. I would get the black cycling shorts all dusty. So I resolved not to touch the shorts. I’d only hold the handles of the bag they were in.

When I reached the store, I asked for some sanitizer to clean my hands.

They didn’t have any.

Then, I gently told the shop owner that since I would be replacing the black cycling…



Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

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