Little Green + Button, How I’ve Missed You!

The Medium app allows us to write off the phone again!


Photo of author with henna on her hands, which would NEVER have been possible if she’d been typing away furiously, documenting life and photos from Jamshedpur, India.

Hallelujah! There is a God in Heaven and all the saints are smiling.

Thank you, Tony Stubblebine!

Wow. Finally. I almost bought myself an Apple computer! I was going to crawl around Tony Lawrence’s profile and find out find out which one I should get, and now I don’t need a laptop! The phone is enough.

I can’t think of a single story to write right now. I’m suddenly blank.

Oh, the stories I’ve missed out on writing! I’m wringing my hands with regret for the missed opportunities and relief for the ones I can now write.

Thank you, Medium!

Screenshot by author of my Medium App Store review and the Developer Response.



Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

I don’t just create smiles, I inspire them! Dentist, mom—Jamshedpur, India.