I Love Cheap Thrills!

A New Delhi trip with ride prices, messy events and messier feelings. Three tips from a fit female I met, and great new jackets and shoes.

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh


My husband and me with devotees dressed like Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Photo by the author.

For the nine-day Navratri festival in October, my husband and I visited our daughter in New Delhi. She sublets an apartment there and we foisted ourselves upon her under the guise of “checking out if she was safe there.” In reality, I have no clue really, if anyone is safe anywhere.

Day one of our holiday was the seventh day of the festival. Delhi residents were praying, chanting and singing in the pandals (makeshift temporary temples) when we arrived.

Me on a John Deere tractor. Photo by the author’s husband.

The next day, we wanted a trip on the new RRTS metro from Duhai to Ghaziabad. It had been inaugurated on Friday and we were to travel on it on Sunday. We had some trouble locating the metro station and ended up outside a tractor sales outlet, where we took these photos. I went over to the salesman and asked for permission to hop on and take a picture on the John Deere, and my husband followed suit.

My husband on the tractor. Photo by the author.

Sometimes it’s funny how much my shy hubby will resist something, saying that it costs too much, takes too long or is too embarrassing, only for me to barrel through and do it and for him to then want to do it too.

At sparkly Duhai RapidX Metro Station. Photo by the author’s husband.

We located Duhai station and paid for our tickets, ₹60 (around 80c) for our 5.5 mile journey which took us around 10–12 minutes.

I loved wearing my new Adidas shoes, in the Metro stations, too. I discovered the Adidas app about a month ago and bought these bright pink ones during a sale for $35. They are my first lace-up running shoes and I loved them for walking and running after trains. This color is called Rani Gulabi in Hindi, which means Queen Pink. Before these running…



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