For men may come and men may go but commerce goes on forever. (Apologies to The Brook)

I know everyone is very upset because of George Floyd.

I may be Indian, born and brought up in India, but I read Alex Haley’s Roots and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Also a biography of Mary Todd, Abe Lincoln’s wife. Sandra Bland’s suicide details made me shake my head all day. So I kind of figured out that whites and blacks weren’t going to get along, just yet.

Not unless there was a mutual profit.

I know you’re(Americans) are all very upset and I fully appreciate and sympathise with your sensibilities.

That said, this too shall pass. You will find something that blacks and whites simply have to do together, to win together against a common enemy or for a common cause.

When that happens, the excitement you’ll feel, the thrill and the rush – will outweigh colour. Making money is fun.

Making things that sell, products that give happiness, tangible stuff that people beg to have, services that everyone gets in line for: it is the greatest fun there is. At that point of time, it won’t matter if the guy helping you sell, manufacture or serve is black, white or pink. You’ll just…. work.

I mean, it will work out, when everybody is working busily and you have a common goal.

Maybe you will fill the ozone hole? Or clean the ocean. Or fix the barrier reef. Or prevent some other kind of apocalypse. But you’ll do it together, and in spite of people trying to tell you diffr’nt.

Black on white or white on black. It will happen and I’ll be clapping for you, here from India.

Right now, in India, we’re having our usual Hindu-Muslim love-hate stories happening. Yet, I want MASKS. I’m going crazy trying to ration my existing store of these. I want my Dispodent three-ply surgical masks with nose clips. Boxes and boxes of them. I also want Kanam Latex Surgicare gloves in size 6&1/2(me) and 7(my husband). These products come to me from Chennai and Kerala respectively. When I want them, I totally totally do NOT care if they were made by Muslim or Hindu.

So your problem isn’t really that whites and blacks don’t get along. Your problem is, you don’t have a product people want badly enough.

I know it is amazingly poetic to say that the history of America is written in the blood of the oppressed blacks. Yeah, like the massacre at Fall Creek never happened. (That was a Red Indian story, where the White Man killing a Red Indian was hanged for his crime, and a white kid who helped him do so got a Governor’s pardon at the last minute.)So the oppression happens, then men of Reason come along and hang their own kind and lay down the law. The good law. America isn’t completely stubborn that way. Not from what I’ve been reading.

Then things will regress and you’ll hate each other again. There will be kids who don’t know the history and want to play sports together with “their kids”. There will even be inter-religional marriages/inter-caste marriages/inter-racial marriages.

It isn’t called love-hate, blow hot, blow cold, on again, off again for nothing. Hate simmers, cools, erupts and ebbs just like love does.

Get used to it.

Keep reading the history of your country. Before you landed in the US, what were they up to? Keep writing, keep inspiring.

Break the stereotype. Attract the commerce.

With love from India,

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh.

3xTop Writer. Jamshedpur, India. Dentist, mom of 2 girls, lives in a joint family, in love with the written word.