Did You Skin Your Knees as a Kid?

I did, but do kids nowadays skin their knees, ever?

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh


Photo by and of the author.

I was trying on some knee-length dresses before I met a friend last month. I sent the picture to my trainer for a second opinion.

My trainer advised me to wear leggings under the dress. She said I hadn’t “prepared my knees” for a short dress.

My knees are scarred from bicycle injuries, falls from hopscotch and playing tag and outdoor badminton games. I would fall and come home with skinned and bleeding knees to my mom. My mom would sigh, take out the first aid kit, dab away the debris and dirt and then apply Dettol™️ antiseptic and a bandage.

I had a great time with my friend and we took some fabulous pictures together.

My friend and me. Photos by the author.

I felt comfortable in my clothes, basking in the knowledge that I was wearing something my fashion-savvy trainer approved of. My friend is an elegant power-dresser and I was happy to be well-turned out next to her.

Back home, I checked on my knees again, wondering if I would ever bare them. I have so many scars and very little patience to scrub them with oatmeal and chickpea flour!

Then I thought of all the kids I see nowadays and if they ever fall and skin their knees on the playground.

Knee-guards, rubber flooring, indoor arenas and the omnipresent smartphones have made sure kids no longer have any skin in the game, literally.



Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

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