Coffee and Apple

I’ll take an Apple with my coffee, thank you. Make it Pro Max!

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
2 min readAug 18


I’m traveling by train to New Delhi, India’s capital, with my dad. Photo by the author.

I recently read Anthony Lawrence’s story, “The Smart Phones are Dying Song is Silly.” I agree with Tony.

I use my phone for —

  1. Taking photos of my patients for “before after” pictures like these:
Photos, collage and dental case by the author.

The phone groups the pictures of a single patient together, all by itself.

2. Next, I love posting the improvements pictures on my WhatsApp status. Patients who have my number saved view those photos and sometimes come for their own treatment entirely due to my “status update.”

3. Contacting patients to change appointments with Apple Watch and iPhone is a breeze. Booking appointments on Apple calendar is a breeze. What’s not to like?

4. For fun, I can view my trainer’s Insta profile and watch videos of myself.

5. I can read here on Medium and make friends! Writing on the phone on Medium is fun. I can make pennies and watch them clink in.

So no, I don’t think smartphones are dying. I think the phrase “Observation improves performance” applies to many skills in our lives and smartphones make it easier to record and improve those skills.

So I’ll take an Apple with my coffee, thank you. Make it Pro Max!

PS: I’m on the train right now, between stations, somewhere in the middle of God knows where. I’m still able to post this thanks to a smartphone!



Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

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