Chatt Puja: Kheer Roti Evening

The Sun salutation prayers, Day Two.

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
4 min readNov 19, 2023
The family performing the Puja serving rice-milk pudding, bananas and rotis to their guests. Photo by the author.

I was thinking of Kerala Taylor’s story about how, when we meet someone in their home on an AirBnB visit, we’re worried about way different things than when we meet them online. For example, we may not need them to be Republican or Democrat, support LGBTQIA or not, or be vocal for human rights.

What we do need, from an Airbnb host or guest, however, is good house manners: a dustbin lined with a trash bag, a clean dining table, a functioning toilet and bathroom with working flush and shower and kitchen appliances and a stocked fridge. At that point, as a guest or host, we care less for their politics and more for their ability to pick up after themselves.

I could experience Kerala’s sentiment for myself when I went for the Chhat Puja celebrations yesterday. I am a KarmaYogini. I believe in work, not in worship. However, for three nights, with my neighbors, who take piety and prayer to a whole new level, I found myself more interested in the two big-party-with-food issues (than in the austerity of their faith.)

  1. How much food and what quality, how to eat the correct quality and not annoy my hostess or my trainer/dietician.
  2. How nice my hostess was being to me and if she’d take a picture of me at her place after I took one of her!



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