Biscuits for Meetings

🇮🇳 My country India and the 🇬🇧 UK have the same biscuits!


These are JimJam biscuits. They are somewhat sweet and the jammy part is chewy. Photo by Rohan Verma on Unsplash.

My dad was eating a Monaco biscuit when he said, ‘You know, Roopa, back in ‘83 when I was in the UK, we had biscuits for meetings. They would keep a tray of pre-packaged biscuits of all kinds – Monaco, Krackjack, Bourbon, Thin Arrowroot, GoodDay, JimJam, and Cream Cracker – on the table, and we could choose any kind we liked. The tray had a peel-off top, and it was nice to see such a variety displayed during meetings.”

I asked my dad, “But Appa, how come they had all our biscuit brands?”

My dad said, “Actually, Roopa, we have all their biscuit brands.”

Photo by Chris Roland on Unsplash.



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