Beck N Call Mommy for Study Video Call kid.

A while ago, the air conditioning in my house went on the blink and I ended up running to my dad’s place, fortunately just a couple minutes’ walk away, for my kids’ online class. At first, I told her to lug her own laptop, but when I looked at the textbooks, I decided to drive her there.

I ended up having a great time during her classes, which lasted over 1.5 hours. I made her some soup. She and I giggled together as we tricked the teachers by cutting her toast into finger-width strips which she dipped into the soup and ate nonchalantly, all during the class. Ordinarily, I’d have got on her case by asking her how she dared to get hungry during a Video class which was announced a week earlier, she should have eaten and been ready! Somehow the environment of my dad’s house, with all different stocks of packaged soup, a different size of bread, my smiling dad chopping up raw mangoes for his special pickle to be made the next morning… all this recharged my mind. I just let it go.

I hovered around her and made her video call classes more comfortable for her, first turning on the AC and then bringing her one of grampa’s full sleeved shirts to wear when it got too cold.

Honestly? During the lockdown, we have to pamper our kids a bit. They’re always wanting a pillow fluffed, a hair tucked back into place, a pen checked, to see if it writes, a ripped notebook Fevicolled (glued) together, just little gestures of care.

It takes courage, though. It takes courage to put down the phone and pick up for the kid. Somehow I’d prefer to lounge around doing ABSOLUTELY nothing of consequence, telling the poor kid on a study video call to fend for themselves. I wonder why I do this! I frown when she asks for a laptop charger. I growl when she asks for water, or a book in a different room.

Point is, lockdown has sent me from “People at my beck and call” to “Me at her beck and call”. It’s almost as if, now that the kid student is busier than the parent, the parent of the kid student automatically reaches a level lower and has to start providing Beck N Call facilities to the kids.

I really doubt this behaviour will stick. My kid knows it’s too good to last. Once the lockdown is eased the schools might open again and the video classes may no longer be held this way. Yet Lockdown provided a nice interlude when I could be “Home Mommy” for a while instead of “Work Mommy”

To my darling children: one day when I am dead, pandemic or simply natural causes: read this and realize: Mom loved you.

She messed up a bit in her 20s and 30s, not eating enough protein, minerals and vitamins, getting too weak for your pregnancies. Her heart was in the right place, she wanted you two to have the best environment for growth and to really nurture you. If I got crabby and told you to “get it yourself, and one for me too”, it wasn’t always because she thought you were a bad kid. It was because you need to get up and eat the right foods now, so that it became a lifetime habit. Here’s an example: the tomato cheese omlette your loving grampa made for you!