How did we end up back here again is a story by The Atlantic in which the unvaccinated in Missouri are falling sick.

One of the nurses had a patient spit in her eye when she told him he had Covid. I do not understand how this man isn’t being tried for attempted murder.

Overworked healthcare workers in Missouri cared for the sick last year, people who had no choice. Just like in the rest of the world.

This year, healthcare workers in Missouri take care of sick Covidiots who believe in fairy tales about how Covid doesn’t exist and…

A workaround and a reminder of the bright side

Photo of Jamshedpur’s district commissioner’s office, by author, edited with Photos to make my point.

Unless you self-publish, author’s names aren’t visible to the reader on the Medium home screen.

I still ended up reading a story by Sean Kernan ‘s because of a crackling headline he’d posted. I usually click on a story just because Sean wrote it, but Medium no longer gives me the author’s names.

I read Dr Mehmet Yildiz ‘s story about how a crazy AirBnB lady kicked him out on to the curb, (can you imagine someone doing that? To Dr. Yildiz? )

Again, because of the crackling headline. All the home page said was, “Illumination-CURATED.”

Good for the small…

Do you have rhythm? If you don’t, can you admit it?

Photo by author, of the bells classical dancers wear around their ankles.

Anklets that languished unused for ten years

These anklets were used only once, ten years ago, by my daughter, Gayatri, who turned eighteen yesterday.

Gayatri attended a classical Kathak dance class, where the teacher declared that she didn’t have lai.

Lai means, “rhythm” or “grace”, but together. It means a naughtiness and charm in movement, and a dance teacher can usually decide in one class if a student has it or not.

Banished from a dance class for not having rhythm

In fact, she had told my daughter already that she would not take her, but Gayatri was so keen on the dance class that she convinced me to buy the bells for her feet, called…


Happy needn’t cost the earth

Costume jewelry and cosmetics shop in Golmuri, Jamshedpur, India.

Not gold, but happy it’s sold.

If you’ve made some awful decisions, you have a story. If not, read this lady’s

Picture by Ajda Atz on Unsplash.

There is no nobility in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.

By that measure, laid out by Earnest Hemingway, no less, someone who comes from a well-to-do and properly adjusted family, isn’t as noble as someone who did well in spite of having a rocky start.

In If The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul, I Need New Curtains, Christine Stevens has a story so deep, and illustrated so clearly, you’ll remember it for the rest of you life.

There are writers, and there are people like Christine. She’s…

It isn’t entirely the bottom line, that makes you seethe in waiting rooms

Vintage, pre-Covid photo of the author at her dental clinic.

At a doctor’s clinic in America, Anastasia Frugaard’s husband arrived fifteen minutes early, only to have to wait for forty minutes. At a government office, he waited three hours. In her story, Seven Questions my (Danish) Husband Asks About America Which I Can’t Answer, Anastasia’s husband asks, why,

Punctuality isn’t the norm in America?

Doctors have human elements to work on, their work isn’t automated or mechanized for it to proceed exactly as planned. Doctors are allowed to be late.

A government office, three hours late? In India, we ask, “is the work you went out done?” If the answer is yes, the hours don’t matter.

Government offices are outside my jurisdiction, what about me?

A headline lesson from a YouTube queen with 370 million views, and a bonus takeaway

Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

The irresistible, clickbaity, practical, and useful workout YouTube queen

My Zoom workout buddy and I have just switched to Chloe Ting. What’s so irresistible about her is that 370 million people clicked on her workouts, in less than a year. Our older trainers have about 1.3–5 million views in around seven to eight years. Here are the headlines of the workouts we did today —

Do This Warm Up Before Your Workouts | Quick Warm Up Routine. 6 minutes.
Full Body Fat Burning No Jumping Workout. 15 minutes.
Do This Everyday To Lose Weight. 13 minutes.
Best Cooldown Stretches After Workout Relaxation and Recovery. 15 minutes.

The thirteen-minute workout slowed time down and made us feel Chloe had mispronounced thirty as thirteen.

Yes, twelve and…

Do political and religious posts do anybody, any good?

Photo by author.

The Women’s WhatsApp Group

There is a women’s WhatsApp group I have recently, reluctantly, become a member of. All the 250 members are my neighbors who live in my housing society.

It shares housing details when someone wants to rent or let out a house, sell or buy one. Sometimes some women in the group share details of their business and encourage me to buy Amway, clothes, or food. One lady wanted to sell a sofa the day she moved out of town, and someone else snapped it up.

There are also links to YouTube channels run by some members, who link-dump the group…

How much mocking is well-intentioned?

Dawn Bevier in Why The Best Moms Aren’t Picture Perfect, talks about how her mom always dressed practically and simply, just so that Dawn could have her best life.

Moms are like that. Even after we become mothers we don’t fully learn how much our moms do for us. If they’d never given birth to us, our moms’ lives would have been better, and we should try to balance out that equation. As children, we aren’t automatically gifts, we have to earn the status of being offspring worth loving.

Just yesterday, my Zoom workout buddy wailed on the phone about…

Let me take you along with me

The photo was taken by the author at Chinmaya School, Telco, Jamshedpur, India; where my daughter took her first dose of the AZ vaccine.

This morning I walked all over town, due to a vaccination appointment at a local school and then a cheque I had to deposit in the bank next door to my dental clinic. What did my camera see?

One train, but how many bottles?

I’m not fond of these plastic bottles sold by Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

The school, however, has turned them into a train-like art in a garden.

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

3xTop Writer. Jamshedpur, India. Dentist, mom of 2 girls, lives in a joint family, in love with the written word.

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